Time After Time performs R&B, Motown, Soul, Rock, Blues, Swing, Latin, Reggae, Klezmer and other styles of upbeat dance music. The instrumentation includes vocals, trombone, saxophone, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums.

Time After Time will perform at weddings, private parties, corporate events, anniversary parties, or for any occasion that a sizzling hot band is needed to ROCK the house!

The band can also provide Classical and Jazz music for wedding ceremonies and cocktail hours. Also, one band member can DJ for an extra hour or two after the band has finished playing.

Here is a popular wedding package that we offer:
Ceremony - Classical Guitar
Cocktail Hour - Jazz Duo
Dinner - Background Jazz
After Dinner - 2 sets of Upbeat Dance Music
(R&B, Soul, Motown, Latin, Funk, Swing, etc.)
(optional) After Band - DJ Dance Party (1-2 hours)
(one of the band members stays afterwards to DJ)

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Time After Time also plays
Klezmer and Israeli music for Jewish Weddings:

Face The Music Agency is a New England-based booking agency that provides live music and DJs for weddings, bar/bat mitzvahs, anniversaries, corporate events, festivals, schools and colleges, concerts, coffehouses, and other special events.

We serve the following areas:
Massachusetts (MA)
New Hampshire (NH)
Connecticut (CT)
Vermont (VT)
Rhode Island (RI)
New York (NY)

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